Ink cartridge remanufacturing

How to take care of you're ink cartridges

Remanufactured ink cartridges. Now there is a way to use your printer ink cartridge & save dollars. The cartridges are professionally remanufactured and are 100% guarantied compatible with your printer. These remanufactured cartridges cost about 40 to 60 % less than a new cartridge [Depending On Size & Model]. Take a look at the box your new cartridge comes in, most of the time you will see, [made of new or remanufactured material]. Printer cartridge heads are made robust enough to last longer than the life of the ink. Remanufacturing technology has become so precise that remanufactured cartridges often exceed the original equipment manufacturer's standards. Today cartridges are made with 48 to 320 nozzles or jets and these have holes are smaller than a strand f hair. If left uncovered & unused these nozzles will become clogged as the ink dry out. Used ink cartridge jets or nozzles are cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning system Inspected for damage or defects or maybe be discarded as required then re-ink with high Quality Ink by state of the art vacuum filling technology. For proper handling & recycling. As soon as your computer warn you that your printer cartridge is low, you must remove it from the printer, put a piece of clear tape on the head, place it in a plastic zip lock bag to prevent it from bleeding & creating.

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